Why Front-Wheel Drive Cars Have Increased in Popularity

February 17th, 2018 by

Front-wheel drive cars have become more popular because they are more affordable to manufacture and purchase. For drivers looking at economy, front-wheel drive vehicles give drivers everything they want at a price less than rear-wheel drive counterparts. For commutes to work and basic driving around town, a front-wheel drive vehicle is perfect.

Rear-wheel drive technology is widely available for SUVs and higher-end sedans, as rear-wheel drive technology provides a more powerful kick to the vehicle. For people that want to drive fast or tow a heavy load, rear-wheel drive is the answer. For individuals that want an economical, gas-friendly ride to work each day, a front-wheel drive car is an excellent choice.

No matter what you choose to drive, it's great to have options. At Mungenast Alton Toyota, we offer you a wide selection of vehicles to choose from. Talk with our sales team today to learn more about the cars we have for you.

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