Toyota Avalon Comes Loaded with Safety Features

May 19th, 2018 by

The all-new Toyota Avalon has quickly become a full-size sedan that is getting a lot of attention for its unique safety features. Take a look at a few of those features in action.

When the Avalon is on the road at night, the Automatic High Beams system can identify when the roads are clear so the high beam headlights are used. If another driver is within distance, the system detects the vehicle and turns on the low beams instead.

You'll appreciate the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system in the new Avalon when you're on the highway. Once the cruise control is set, the vehicle scans the road for slower cars in front of you. If any are detected, your car will slow down to maintain a safe driving distance until clear, then will return to set speed.

Take the Avalon out for a test drive today when you stop by Mungenast Alton Toyota.