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  • Ryan Edwards
    Parts Manager

    Ryan has been with the Mungenast Automotive family since 1997. He is certified in parts and holds expert level certification in parts management from Toyota. As parts manager, Ryan has the opportunity to keep up with changing product lines and product knowledge, and delivers personalized service to both customers and team members. Outside of the office Ryan enjoys trout fishing, home projects and time with his family.

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  • Paul Jaco
    Parts Specialist

    Paul is master certified with Toyota in parts.  He has been with Mungenast Alton Toyota Scion for 20 years, and in the industry for 39 years. Paul enjoys the challenge of constantly changing product lines and values the relationships that he has built with customers and employees. When he is not at work he enjoys listening to music, being outdoors and spending time with his family.

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  • Joe Bellitto
    Parts Specialist

    Joe has been with Mungenast Alton Toyota Scion since 1991. As a parts specialist he most enjoys working with the public, working with a great staff and being able to laugh while at work. When not at work Joe enjoys hunting, camping and outdoor activities.

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  • Nancy Vetter
    Parts Specialist

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  • Ron Wilkinson
    Parts Counter