The Toyota Camry is a Popular and Safe Sedan

When you are searching for a family vehicle, you want to find one that is set up with safety features. The Toyota Camry is a popular mid-size sedan and it is one that has safety assets to look out for you when you are on the go.

It can be helpful for you to know what is going on beside your vehicle in that area where you cannot see well. The Toyota Camry is set up with a Blind Spot Monitor to help you out. When there are many airbags in place in your vehicle, you can stay safe even…
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The 2018 Toyota RAV4 Is Built To Accommodate Active Drivers

The 2018 Toyota RAV4 offers a unique blend of luxury and off-road readiness. The interior is a classic design that combines a leather steering wheel with a leather trimmed shift lever. Passengers will be thrilled with the way the RAV4 handles itself on various trains. It has metallic badge door-sill protectors that provide a unique look and offer comfortable seating.

Passengers have the freedom to set their own comfort with the multi staged heated soft-tex trim. This tool works well on cool nights. The front seat is power adjustable with deep supported bolsters that work well on long trips.



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Ride in Style in the 2018 Toyota 86

The 2018 Toyota 86 is a popular sports car that's beautifully designed inside and out. To accompany the sleek body of the car, Toyota has included many luxurious features to make the driving experience a memorable one.

The first thing you'll notice when you step into the Toyota 86 is the lush seating. Bolstered seats hug your body and keep you stable even while you zip around tight corners. Granlux trim is also available. It includes a suede-like material that's soft to the touch. The material is used on the dash and door panels. To accompany the…

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Test Drive the Toyota Tundra at Mungenast Alton Toyota

The Toyota Tundra line of light/medium pickup trucks is one of the most popular in the United States. While it took some time for the American market to warm up to these Japanese imports, the Tundra has a loyal following here in the United States. These trucks are known for their long lasting engines, tow capacity, and general level of quality.

The Toyota Tundra is a utility truck that has plenty of comfortable features as well. The in cabin entertainment system is easy enough to use and full integrates with any of your mobile devices. The Tundra...


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Toyota Avalon Comes Loaded with Safety Features

The all-new Toyota Avalon has quickly become a full-size sedan that is getting a lot of attention for its unique safety features. Take a look at a few of those features in action.

When the Avalon is on the road at night, the Automatic High Beams system can identify when the roads are clear so the high beam headlights are used. If another driver is within distance, the system detects the vehicle and turns on the low beams instead.

You'll appreciate the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system in the new Avalon when you're on the highway. Once the…
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The Toyota 4Runner is a Midsize SUV with a Great Exterior

You are particular about the kind of vehicle that you would like to purchase and you are looking for something with an exterior that will make you proud. The Toyota 4Runner is a popular pick for those seeking a midsize SUV and it is a vehicle with a great exterior.

The Toyota 4Runner features a unique front-end design that helps it stand out from other SUVs that are available. Each grade of the Toyota 4Runner has a unique wheel style that helps it be set apart from the others and from other SUVs on the roads. You will receive a…
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The 2018 Toyota Highlander Comes Loaded With Performance Features

SUVs are so highly sought after because they contain performance features that other cars simply do not have and never will have. That is why our team here at Mungenast Alton Toyota are happy to announce the arrival of the brand new 2018 Toyota Highlander SUV.

It can be equipped with up to two and a half tons of towing capacity which means it will always get the job done for you. Its fuel efficiency of 27 miles per gallon is also achieved by utilizing start and stop technology. This allows the car to stop the engine when the car…
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Safety First: Toyota Camry

In the market for a new car but want to make sure it has the best safety features for your family, then look no further than the Toyota Camry. Below are two features that make the Camry one of the most popular midsize sedans:
  • 10 Airbags- The Toyota Camry comes with an advanced airbag system that includes a total of ten airbags. The airbags are not only located in the front for the driver and passenger but are also incorporated into the rear and side as well.
  • Head-Up Display- The Toyota Camry comes with an available 10-inch color display that…
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The Toyota Land Cruiser Can Keep You Safe on the Road

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a popular choice for those who are searching for a luxury SUV option. If you are looking for a safe SUV to drive, this one is a great choice for you.

The Toyota Land Cruiser sets you up with ten airbags to keep you cushioned in the event of a crash. These airbags are set up in the places where it makes the most sense to have them in place. The Toyota Land Cruiser also sets you up with Smart Stop Technology to keep you from getting into a crash.

If you would like to…

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The Toyota Sienna: a minivan made with comfort and convenience in mind

A minivan is perfect for getting your family to your destination. Many minivans sacrifice comfort in exchange for space. The spacious Toyota Sienna is built with your family's comfort and convenience in mind.

The Sienna features sliding side doors and an automatic liftgate in the rear, which can be opened and closed by the push of a button on the key fob, from the driver's console, or by hand. If your hands are full, the Sienna's Smart Key system allows you to get into your car without fumbling for the keys. The third-row seat folds down for…

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