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Avoid Dead Batteries Caused By Extreme Heat and Cold

The majority of dead batteries occur during the winter, and there is no doubt that extreme cold can damage a vehicle’s battery and also make the vehicle itself much more difficult to start. Still, even though dead batteries occur more frequently in the winter, the root cause of the problem usually lies in the exposure to extreme heat experienced during the summer.

Most often, batteries die during the winter because the cells freeze as a result of the cold. Nonetheless, a fully charged battery should be able to withstand temperatures as low as -76 degrees Fahrenheit without...

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Get the Genuine Fit for Your Car at Mungenast Alton Toyota

We understand that you need the perfect replacement parts for your vehicle. At Mungenast Alton Toyota we offer you the opportunity of getting original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts that are directly from the manufacturer of your specific vehicle. Our mechanic experts have a vast experience with all your car needs and therefore will assist you in locating the correct fit part of your car, help you place special orders, and give you genuine advice.

OEM parts meet all manufacturer’s requirements concerning quality, crashworthiness, fit, finish and safety to you as the user...
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Dedicated Toyota owner keeps his 2007 Tundra running for over one million miles!

Rolling over your odometer. It's a mark of pride for many Toyota truck owners, a badge of honor that shows you've served your truck just as well as it's served you. And while many Toyota trucks confidently reach 100,000 miles, some even 200,000 miles with diligent care, it seems that they've all finally been outpaced. This week, Louisiana native Victor Sheppard traded his 2007 Toyota Tundra in with over one million miles on it.

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#ProjectFJ: The Ultimate Outdoor Vehicle

After four months of plans, parts acquisition, and hard work, the team at Mungenast Alton Toyota has created just about the rarest FJ Cruiser in the country. Those following #ProjectFJ on our Facebook and YouTube channels have already witnessed the build piece by piece, as we've made the ultimate outdoor vehicle even better with the following modifications:

-TRD Custom Beadlock BFG Mud Terrain Wheels and Tires
-Demello Rear Bumper w/LEDs
-Demello Rock Sliders…
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