A Car for Everyone: Toyota Corolla iM

We believe that quality vehicles should be available at affordable prices. Kelley Blue Book likes to highlight some of the vehicles that also believe this with their "10 Coolest Cars Under $18,000" list. Featured on the most recent version of their list is the Toyota Corolla iM. When considering vehicles to include in their list, Kelley Blue Book looks for vehicles that offer the driver a fun and unique experience.

One of the most unique parts of the experience provided from the Corolla iM comes at the time of purchase. It has a mono-spec package which includes all of the features that come as optional in most other vehicles. Cutting down on the overwhelming amount of choices when purchasing a vehicle is a welcomed change. The only choices left include transmission type, color, and minor dealer accessory choices. The simplified process of buying the Corolla iM really adds to the satisfaction of driving it off the lot.

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