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Alternative Fuels Roundup

Who's not in favor of using less oil? From reducing dependence on the Middle East to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to the price at the pump, there are many good reasons to want to make each barrel of oil go further, or to get away from petroleum altogether. Toyota and other automakers have been doing a lot of research into alternative ways of powering vehicles. Some of the vehicles with these new technologies are now getting close to market... read more.

Comparing Alternative Powertrains

Prius is about to get some high-profile competition. The upcoming Chevrolet Volt will have a huge marketing program behind it. Meanwhile, Nissan has already been airing attention-grabbing ads for its electric vehicle, the Leaf.

Consumer reaction to these early marketing efforts may fall into two categories. Some might think, "They're just like Prius, right?" Others will ask, "What the heck are they?" Either way, sales consultants should expect a lot of questions and be prepared to do a lot of educating... read more.

I Want My MPG!

Gas prices show no sign of settling down. With the summer driving season here, that volatility can make it difficult to budget for a driving vacation. Though prices seem to be beyond anyone's control, driving style does have some effect on fuel economy. Using easy to follow driving tips can increase fuel economy, thus lowering costs no matter where the price of gas goes... read more.

Prius Accolades

  • Highest EPA-rated fuel economy of any vehicle
  • Motorweek, 2010 MotorWeek's Driver's Choice Award - Best Eco-Friendly
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2011 IIHS Awards - Top Safety Picks

Toyota was a big winner when the Insurance Institute for Highway Winners for 2011 Safety recently announced its Top Safety Pick awards for 2011. Five Toyota models have won the award... read more.

Toyota: A Vital Part of the Domestic Industry

These are strange times for the auto industry. With mergers, acquisitions and bankruptcies going around like the common cold, many shoppers who want to support domestic industry are left wondering: what does all this mean? Is there any industry left to support? Read more.