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Toyota Service is the Smart, Safe Choice

Not only will our Alton, IL Toyota dealership's service center provide you with an unbeatable level of care and maintenance, but you'll also leave with the confidence that you'll actually be safe in your car going forward. The quick video we've included below plays this idea for laughs, but getting acceptable service on your car is a safety concern as well. Press play to watch this video, then find out more…

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How Hydrogen Fuel Can Be Made Sustainably

This fall, the 2016 Toyota Mirai will go on sale in the US. This isn't just any new model. This is the first commercially available hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle (FCV).

We know what you're thinking-- this is silly. Hydrogen will never take off. Well, Toyota has a cheeky answer for you.

Responding to claims that FCV technology is "bullsh*t," Toyota goes out of their way to show that hydrogen really is bullsh*t…

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Where Do You Want to Go in a Toyota 4Runner?

The fire crackles and pops, spreading its radiant warmth out to all those who sit around it. Little glowing sparks rise like fireflies into the air. The wind always seems to blow the choking gray trail of smoke in your face-- until you repeat "white rabbit" a certain number of times.

There is nothing like a campfire to bring people together, and no campfire is complete without a song.

In their recent series of videos…

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2015 Toyota 4Runner Promises to Keep it Wild

If taking on rugged off-road terrain is you're ideal way to have fun, you know the value of a versatile and capable SUV, which has long-lasting value and the toughness to handle what you throw at it. To put it another way, you know the value of the Toyota 4Runner.

A rugged and seemingly untamable beast, the 4Runner has been blazing trails off-road while many of us were still in diapers. It is this…

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Toyota Hybrids are Surprisingly Powerful

Some people love hybrids, while some people think they're a little wimpy. Well people who have driven a Toyota hybrid know that's not true. But don't take our word for it. Watch the video below to see what a hybrid can do for you.

Yes, that racecar is a hybrid. And, yes, it was able to keep with its competitors on the track. Here at Mungenast Alton Toyota we think this is…

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